Biban (Doors)
"There is a door that separates your dream from your reality, its key is in your hands."
The Small and Medium Enterprises Authority has been established to accelerate the development of SME sector, and to provide constant support to business owners, such as holding exhibitions and forums. Thus, “Biban” event is held as a gate that could lead young business owners to invest in their ideas and therefore, create an innovative environment. “Biban” offers support to the business sector by offering an attractive incubator that encourages creativity and excellence to achieve sustainable development.

The Small and Medium Enterprises Authority aims through this event to simplify the process of establishing and developing SME, to broaden their reach, and to optimize their contribution to the Saudi economy. Through “Biban” we aim to provide doors, various entrances to the business world for all business enthusiasts, entrepreneurs from all different sectors, ambitious owners of existing enterprises who aim for growth and development as well as those who seek to enter the business market.

In addition to that, The Authority had kept in mind the curious visitor who might seek to establish an enterprise in the future, thus created various attractive activities in the event that target general visitors, to expand their horizons, introduce them to an abundance of possibilities and motivate them to enter the business world.
Explore “Biban”
When an idea knocks، be ready to open the door."
Biban is dedicated to setting the perfect environment for small and medium enterprises to ensure their constant progress and development. It encourages entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts to enter the market with their new enterprises, by simplifying the process of establishing their businesses. It guides them in their journey by providing them with the needed tools to benefit their business progress, such as knowledge of how to attract investors, what are the regulatory procedures, the funding entities, governmental and otherwise, as well as providing proper counseling to benefit from previous experiences to the fullest. Biban, thus, opens all the motivational and procedural doors to the participating youth, broadening their horizons and offering them a helping hand in their business journeys.
"There is a door that separates your dream from your reality,
its key is in your hands."
Biban in the Business World
The objectives of Biban in the business world are the following:

  • To educate, impact, and simplify the processes of small and medium enterprises for the public.
  • To shed light on the diversity, importance and quality in the business sector.
  • To create a competitive environment that encourages new businesses to enter the market.
  • To enable small and medium enterprises to grow, improve and expand by providing proper funding solutions and incubators for business as well as educating business owners on the legal and administrative procedures that they might encounter.
  • To create fierce competition within two groups: the entrepreneurs and sponsors.
  • To classify the entrepreneurs and develop a specialised program that suits their individual needs.
  • To provide resources such as workshops to all the interested individuals and entities as well as a conference to discuss their issues and concerns.
  • To attract the targeted audience and offer them the opportunity to meet potential sponsors.
  • To help strengthen the relationships between the current as well as potential small and medium enterprises and the governmental entities, funding and investing entities, incubators and accelerators as well as growth and development agencies.
  • To allow the audience to experience the real steps and procedures needed for established and potential small and medium enterprises through various workshops and activities.
Biban and The Community
Biban will be opening its doors to all community members, thus:

  • It allows youth to explore and utilise promising business opportunities
  • It plays a role in raising awareness of the contribution of small and medium enterprises to the national economic growth.
  • It aims to achieve one of the most important objectives of 2030, which is to raise the current sector’s contribution to the gross domestic product from 20% to approximately 35%.
Biban Event is open for everyone:
The Idea of Biban
Biban research team has done an extensive research to identify the problems and the insufficiencies that the small and medium enterprises sector faces especially in addressing its audience, and their exposure to its role and services. The content and sections of this event are designed on the basis of the research findings.
The Status Quo The Procedure
Entities failure to present the available opportunities has resulted in limiting the chances of individuals to benefit from them. Biban provides various means of support, including funding to expand the business as well as the possibility to conduct deals with investors.
The public does not know much about the range of services the authority provides to small and medium enterprises as well as the role of the authority and its services in general. Biban Creates a platform that includes all the concerned entities in the small and medium enterprises sector, to help spread the knowledge.
  • There is lack of knowledge about the regulations and the procedures which could be complicated at times.
  • There is lack of enthusiasm as a result of the new governmental regulations.
Biban has a new section under its roof which includes all the legal entities that the small and medium enterprises might need to help them complete all the needed procedures in one visit to the event.
There is lack of communication between the concerned parties. Within Biban event, there is a conference that hosts specialised experts in the field and speakers to address various topics and issues that concern the small and medium enterprises sector. It also includes workshops that would connect entrepreneurs and people of interest to get inspired as well as mingle, network, and make deals in the networking zone.
Biban Event is the solution in all of the above procedures.
What does Biban hope to achaive?
Biban inspire to be enriching, enabling, educating, and enhancing:

  • Biban aims to help those seeking entrepreneurial cost-effective ideas and guide them towards the appropriate business sectors that suit their abilities.
  • It aims to enrich youth who happen to have entrepreneurial ideas and provide them with the knowledge and training to turn their ideas into reality successfully.
  • Biban aims to provide developing small and medium enterprises with the opportunity to conduct partnerships with the big companies that are present in the event, by allowing these companies to showcase their services and products at the market section, and by encouraging them to offer business solutions that these enterprises might be seeking.
What distinguishes Biban event form other events?
Biabn is truly a unique event. It gathers all business sector enthusiasts, funding entities that supports empowerment under one roof. It is considered the first of its kind that targets small and medium enterprises in Saudi Arabia. Its content is not restricted to theoretical solutions but rather presenting practical solutions to support small and medium enterprise by offering specialised workshops and discussion forums.